Extracting Snake Venom

Snake venom is used as a significant ingredient in many medications such a few blood pressure medicines and certain drugs used for anti clotting. It is also Extracting Snake Venom used for making anti venoms that cure snake bites. The process of extracting this venom or in other words milking snakes is not simple and therefore should be carried out by an experienced snake handler only.  This extraction is mostly done in India and southeastern US. Since the snake venom is expensive, it has turned into a money making business for many. In India this venom is sold in grams and thought of as a reasonable means to earn money.Find below a step wise manual of how to extract snake venom.

  1. Take a glass beaker and cover it by fastening the latex membrane on top with the help of an elastic band. The beaker should be completely sealed with the latex.
  2. Next you need to position the snake in such a manner that it should be unable to move its head and attack. So use the long handled hook to pin the snake down. Place it a little below the head and around the neck.
  3. With your fingers keep the snake pinned around the neck and keep the thumb in the front. You should have another person handling the rest of the snake’s body, especially if it’s a long snake.
  4. Using your hand apply pressure, moving it up and down. This will agitate the snake and force it to open its mouth and spit out its venom.
  5. Bring forward the glass jar and force the snake’s fangs onto the membrane covering it. The snake will try to bite the beaker and venom will start dripping into the glass jar. The total time required for extraction varies for each snake, depending on when was the last time that snake attacked.
  6. After you have collected the venom in the glass jar, it is safe to let the snake go. Once venom is extracted, snakes generally do not pose a threat for about 20 minutes.

Snake Venom
It is advisable not to use gloves when handling snakes. You should ready for any movement it makes so you can handle it accordingly. Gloves can keep you from feeling these movements. Extraction of snake venom should only be carried out by professionals who are experienced snake handlers and experts at milking snakes.If you are geeting bite by a snake,you can get a venom extractor to save your life.

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